WooCart Hosting Review 2024: Best For WooCommerce Hosting

Woocart hosting

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms today and it is open-source software.

WooCommerce is built for WordPress and has a complex installation process that is not too easy for a new user.

Building and managing an online store with WooCommerce has become ever easier and faster with WooCart hosting.

What is WooCart

WooCart is the very first hosting developed exclusively for WooCommmerce.

While various other hosts offer managed WooCommerce, it is always part of their existing WordPress infrastructure. It is built from the ground up for WooCommerce.

In this post, you will know why WooCart is currently one of the best for WooCommerce hosting.

WooCart is Powered by Google Cloud

WooCart benefits from Google Cloud for its hosting and is not shared hosting.

All stores receive dedicated server resources, which mean much better performance as well as straightforward monitoring of web server resource usage.

You can expect exceptional uptime as a result of your store being hosted on Google Cloud.

Caching (pre-saved site data) is optimized for WooCommerce, which means you get the best results compared to various other WordPress hosts.

Premium CDN for All Plans

WooCart offers free premium CDN (Content Delivery Network) for all plans, with Key CDN as the service provider of choice.

This offers you quick loading of pictures as well as fixed assets (CSS and also Javascript).

No-Hack Guarantee

WordPress sites are more vulnerable to attacks by hackers. If your site is not well secured, hackers can take control over from you and that will be a bad situation.

WooCart also takes care of security and provides a no-hack guarantee where they will restore the store absolutely free if something goes wrong.

Automatic and Free Image Optimization

If you have so many products images and probably blog post images, your store may load slow.

Truly, there are ways to optimize your website speed by using image optimizing plugins. The process is usually done manually.

WooCart gives you automatic image smushing and optimization. It dynamically loads the best image from the best location for each individual visitor based on their device.

Daily Backups

Woocart daily backups

Every serious store owner will take regular backups of his site.

There are some WordPress plugins that will help to backup your site but may not give you complete backup solutions except you go for a paid version.

The store hosted on their platform is backup daily and can be downloaded or restored at any time. This can be done so easily from your dashboard.

Lossless Staging From WooCart – The Easiest Way to Update Your Store

WordPress core, plugins and themes usually have regular updates and sometimes will affect your site if there are incompatibilities.

Imagine the technical issues and errors that will happen to your store!

The best way to handle this is to make changes in a staging environment.

A staging environment is a clone of your store where you can examine and also try things without affecting your live store.

The problem with staging WooCommerce on a regular WordPress host is that when you click Publish Staging, it will simply overwrite the live store.

This is a problem if there were orders made on the live store because they would be lost.

WooCart developed Lossless Staging, and it knows how to sync the order and customer data from live to staging before publishing the new version.

View the demonstration video below!

This simplifies the maintenance, testing, and updating of WooCommerce stores.

Other Amazing Features Of WooCart

  • Store Wizard helps you create and localize a new store with just a couple of clicks. Localization configures standards (currency, time format, and so on), language packs were readily available, as well as many other settings.
  • Turnkey store is a basic fully-designed store that can help you get online and selling in literally an hour. You can install it with a click of a checkbox.
  • Unlimited free transfer that allows you to move your existing store from another host to WooCart. The best part is that, if you can’t transfer your store by yourself, it will be done free for you by the WooCart team.
  • Plugin Metrics reveals plugins that are hard on resource usage so that you can discover better alternatives. It will list the plugins, their memory usage, and load time so that you can look for better alternatives.
    Woocart Plugin Metrics

WooCart Plans & Pricing

Regular plans start at $49 per month for a small store. The plans go up to $279 before you need to contact them for a custom quote.

Woocart Plans and Pricing

  1. Shop Plan is $49/month meant for 1 Store with ~50,000 visits, dedicated server, 20 GB disk space, store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups and free SSL.
  2. Market Plan, the most popular is $99/month for 1 Store ~100,000 visits, dedicated server, 50 GB disk space, store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups, and free SSL.
  3. Mall plan is $179/month with 1 Store ~150,000 visits, dedicated server, 100 GB disk space, store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups, and free SSL.
  4. Supermall Plan is $279/month with 1 Store, ~300,000 visits, dedicated server, 150 GB disk space, store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups, and free SSL.

All plans have the following features: Store wizard, Localization for 56 countries, Plugin and Page Metrics, Google Cloud Engine, Dedicated Resources, DNS Hosting, Image Optimization, Error and Traffic Logs, and GDPR Compliance.

An inexpensive plan called Cart is readily available for stores in development. It does not get CDN or staging, however, it has all other features.

Woocart hosting free trial

There is a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no reason not to try WooCart hosting for WooCommerce.

After the 7 days free trial, you will be billed $9 per month to remain in the Cart plan to keep testing.

The Cart plan is not ideal for business purpose, this is because you will be using a subdomain.

That is the reason I didn’t mention the plan up there.

Anyway, for the Cart plan, your store will be hosted on mywoocart.com and your address will like thequickweb.eu.mywoocart.com.

Who takes any store with this type of URL serious? Not me!

How To Get Started With WooCart

Getting Started With WooCart

WooCart is the first hosting built exclusively for WooCommerce, and they did a fantastic job.

There are not many reasons to not move from your existing host to WooCart, especially since they offer free transfer inside the trial period.

Lossless Staging is just one feature that is a big advantage over all other hosts in the space.

This alone will make your life a lot easier. Staging can only be created on stores with set a domain and not a subdomain.

All of the above reasons make Woocart a better option for WooCommerce hosting.

So, will you try WooCart WooComerce hosting? If yes, click the button below to get started.

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