Genesis Framework By StudioPress [How To Get 35+ StudioPress Themes Free]

Genesis Framework By StudioPress

This post is about the Genesis Framework by StudioPress and how to get 35+ StudioPress themes free.

One of the most famous site builders out there today is WordPress – powering about 35% of websites on the internet today.

With this in mind, many prefer to use WordPress for their site creation needs, even though there are other CMS available in the market.

There seems to be a prevailing challenge among site owners as to which WordPress theme is best suited for their site because when put into proper consideration your chosen theme will invariably affect the performance of your website.

There are tons of theme developers on WordPress, but one of the best which we will be taking a look at today is StudioPress.

With its framework – Genesis framework, StudioPress makes creating websites fun with lots of premium and free WordPress supported themes.

Genesis framework was invented by the StudioPress team. Genesis is the parent theme.

StudioPress themes come with all the goodies required for a good website; top-notch SEO performance, security, faster load times and many more.

All these come at a price, but you could get them all for free if you sign up for a WP Engine plan.


Genesis Framework by Studiopress

Why Genesis Framework by StudioPress?

First of all, every site owner loves a fully functional site that doesn’t just push you up the Google index ranking, but a site that is user-friendly to visitors. This and many more reasons you will love using the Genesis framework.

7 Top Reasons To Use Genesis Framework by StudioPress

1. Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps one of the most heralded factors that make the Genesis framework and StudioPress soar above other competitors is the job done by the StudioPress team as it pertains to SEO.

You didn’t create your site and the contents in it for yourself alone, the world needs to see it too.

Whether you are about to own an eCommerce site, a blog or just about any type of site, the importance of SEO in today’s world can’t be quantified, it is a major determining factor in whatever online venture you choose today.

The StudioPress theme employs the use of SEO friendly code to make this possible, but if you have got any other SEO plugin on your existing site, this functionality is automatically disabled.

To make the SEO functionality of Genesis work, you need to deactivate any SEO related plugin(s).

2. Everything Unlimited

From updates to support, the team has held its customers in high esteem. For a price of at least $99.95 you get to use your themes on any of your websites without having to pay once more and the good thing is that you also get quality updates (which can be updated automatically) on a regular basis on these themes.

Support is also top-notch – responsive customer care always ready to attend to any challenges you may encounter along the way and a forum with lots of experts in the field.

3. State-Of-The-Art, Airtight Security

With the ever-growing rate of cyber theft and cybercrimes, Genesis has provided top-notch security for its end-users, this is made possible by the best cybersecurity expert team.

It is quite unfortunate many pay loose attention to this part of their site, leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Imagine losing all you have worked to achieve and having to start afresh.

It is painful and the team at Genesis know about this, hence putting all the required services to ensure a much secure Genesis-powered site.

This is done by providing top quality updates on a frequent basis, leading to better security which is seldom found among other WordPress themes.

4. Easy to Customize

Like with most open source projects, tweaking and customizations are made available to the users – you could customize whatever theme to suit your taste and need. It is possible with Genesis!

As a web developer, you may like to change and tweak certain areas of your theme, probably add certain functionalities or perhaps build your own custom theme from one of the sample templates.

The number of customizations allowed with the Genesis theme is quite large – in fact, it is because of this reason its founders set out on this wonderful project.

The extent to which you can customize is hinged on your preferred plan – The genesis only plan, genesis + its child themes and the pro plus all theme plan all costs differently and come with varying degrees of customizations.

5. Highly Responsive

Nothing gives a customer more comfort than a fluid and highly responsive site with easy navigation. HTML5 is here to stay and it is incorporated into the core of Genesis powered themes and this makes for an easy and fluid experience, and your site is well rendered across all browser types.

You may come to realize that more and more people are making use of their smartphones to access the internet than PCs, and as you know these smartphones come with different specs in terms of processor, RAM, ROM etc. these are not as powerful as those on laptops.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress and its child theme employs the use of the latest hypertext markup for this to be possible, giving your site an app-like structure that fits perfectly on smaller inches screens.

6. Themes Aplenty!

With all these functionalities one might be led to believe that there are few themes with these features, but that is not the case with Genesis as they have got 60+ themes and counting.

These themes all come at varying prices and slight differences in terms in terms of features. There are also some cool quality third party (not from StudioPress) themes.

The least amount you could purchase any of these themes is $99, there are also themes Pro themes which costs $129.95, most themes at StudioPress genesis theme store comes with this price tag.

Once purchased, you no longer need to pay additional fees in an event of setting up a new site – it is a one-time purchase.

Also, if you wish to purchase all the available themes, it costs just $499.95 – this gives you access to all the available child themes.

7.  Good Support Base

With Genesis, you are not just buying themes only, you get to have lots of extras which support is one of them.

If you are a beginner in this field, things may get a little bit difficult and complicated – especially with the customizations.

Genesis offers one of the best themes to support out with customer care that answers all your queries within 24 to 48 hours.

There is also a forum where to get to meet lots of pros who could share their experiences with you.

Getting the best off your WordPress powered site requires a good theme and Genesis offers some of the best with lots of functionalities, lots of things to tinker with, search engine optimization and many more.

We will recommend the Genesis framework because it is the best framework that is lightweight, flexible, scalable and SEO-friendly.

You can get 35+ StudioPress themes for free worth over $2000 in value if you sign up for a WP Engine plan.

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