How To Form A US Company From Nigeria At Cheaper Cost

How To Form A US Company From Nigeria

As a Nigerian, you might wonder if it is possible to form a US company from Nigeria. Yes, it is very much possible. This is the essence of this post—to show you how to register a US company from Nigeria.

Forming a US company as a foreigner is easy and faster if you know the correct procedures. You don’t need to break the banks to get this done as we will be showing the cheapest and most reliable way to form a US company from Nigeria.

Do you think of hiring an attorney (lawyer) to do this for you? You don’t need to. We are not discouraging you! You can contact your lawyer for legal advice to register a US company from Nigeria.

To form a US company from Nigeria, all you need is a trusted company that offers these services. What type of company do you want to form in the US?

The most popular and easy-to-start company is the LLC (Limited Liability Company). LLCs have a lot of benefits and in this post, we will discuss a few of those benefits for you to know if it is something you will consider.

What Is An LLC?

The LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. This type of business structure is designed to protect the owners of an LLC from personal liability, while still allowing them to run their business in a way that allows them to grow and expand.

An LLC is a type of business that is a bit different from a regular company. In an LLC, the owners are called members (not shareholders). Members are responsible for meeting the financial obligations of the LLC, but they don’t have any legal liability for those debts.

In other words, members aren’t personally liable if the business goes out of business or fails to pay employees or suppliers.

An LLC is often used by people who want to incorporate their business without having to deal with all the paperwork involved in starting a corporation. That can be a good option if you are unsure what kind of business your company will be—an LLC lets you decide later!

The benefits of an LLC include the following:

Many people are familiar with the benefits of having a limited liability company (LLC), but it is a good idea to know what you are getting into.

Tax advantages

An LLC is a pass-through entity, which means that income and expenses are passed through to owners. Because of this, you will qualify for lower tax rates than if you filed as an individual or a corporation.

Ease of incorporation

It is simple to set up an LLC with minimal paperwork and fees—and it takes just minutes! The definition and benefits of LLC in this blog post are what is attainable in the United States. With this, it is time to show you how to form a US company from Nigeria.

LLC Formation Service

The best and most reliable way to form a US company from Nigeria is to use an LLC formation service. They take care of everything from getting the legal documents drafted to filing them with the state. All it takes is to visit their websites and get started!

Incfile – Free LLC Formation Service

Incfile is the cheapest and most reliable LLC formation that you can use to form a US company from Nigeria.

They will guide you through the process of setting up your LLC and make sure you have everything you need to keep it running smoothly.

Incfile knows how confusing it can be to organize your business, let alone get all the legalities in order. They can help you form an LLC and get everything set up so that you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about paperwork.

They have thousands of positive reviews on the internet and Trustpilot has over 10,000 reviews. So you can see that they are genuine and have a good reputation. Besides, they have been in business for over 19 years.

They are one business entity that offers free LLC formation. When they say free, it means they are not going to charge you for registering your business. The only thing you will pay is the mandatory fees to form an LLC.

Whether you are going to use a legal practitioner or you want to register your US company by yourself, you are going to pay the state filing fee, operating agreement and employer identification number (EIN).

These are the 3 main things you will need to pay for to register your US company from Nigeria. The rest things are optional which you will find out during the registration process.

How To Register A US Company From Nigeria

The following steps will guide you to form your US company without spending more than $500.

1. Click on form your free LLC now.

2. Select your entity which should be LLC and the state

3. Choose the gold package

4. Add your information and contact details

5. Choose the state filing fee time

6. Add your company information

7. Skip the premium service package

8. Choose an individual if your LLC member is a person or a business. (Choose a person)

9. Assign Incfile as a registered agent

10. Indicate that you are a non-US citizen

11. Fill in the EIN/Tax identification number information (Tick I am a foreigner and do not have social security number)

12. Skip small business banking

13. Skip tax strategy / free consultation

14. Skip business licenses and permit

15. Make your payment

If your transaction is completed successfully, your LLC will be created by Incfile. At this stage, congratulations to you.

If you follow this guide closely, you should be able to form a US company from Nigeria. In the coming days, Incfile will get your EIN for you.

This process is not complicated, but if you find it so, you can always contact their support for assistance.

One of the benefits of forming a US company is that you use it to open a stripe account in Nigeria.

Final Thoughts On How To Form A US Company In Nigeria 

An LLC is a great way to avoid paying personal income tax on your business income. With an LLC you can also take advantage of the pass-through deduction for your business, which reduces your income tax liability.

In addition, if you are a member of an LLC in your state, you can deduct a portion of your business expenses from your personal taxes.

It is important to note that some states do not allow this deduction, so check with your accountant or attorney before forming an LLC in any particular state.

There are so many companies that offer LLC formation services and their price is extremely high. There was someone I know that used over N600,000 just to form his US company because he need it from dropshipping.

Don’t allow any US company formation services to reap you. Go for Incfile. If you looking for other best alternatives, try Zenbusiness. But we will always first recommend Incfile.

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