WhatsApp Marketing Guide 2021 (How To Sell on WhatsApp)

This post is all about WhatsApp Marketing; I will be showing you the proven strategies to sell on WhatsApp.

Maybe after reading this full article you might conclude this is to be a WhatsApp marketing course and maybe one of the best.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world with more than one billion users. WhatsApp has become an important messaging channel for private interactions with friends, family, and customers.

The first messaging app people check on when they wake up in the morning is their WhatsApp messages.

Whatsapp marketing guide

I am sure everyone reading this content already knows about WhatsApp. What some might not still be aware of is the WhatsApp business app.

For selling on WhatsApp, it is best to use WhatsApp business. It has business features that are not available on the other app.

Using the WhatsApp business app enhances the way you communicate and engage with your customers. You can create a business profile with information like your business name, address, business description, phone number, email address and website details.

There is more to do with the WhatsApp business application, download it and play around with it. It is not compulsory you must use it anyway.

People make money with WhatsApp by selling digital or physical products. WhatsApp commerce policy is against selling digital products on the platform. If they discovered you are doing so, your account will ban.

I made the mistake some time ago. I added a digital product to my product catalog. That was how I was ban from business WhatsApp. I didn’t read their commerce policy well but now I know better.

I have made many other mistakes when it comes to WhatsApp marketing but I won’t be talking about them to bore you with sad stories.

Probably you must have google how to make money on WhatsApp. I won’t be talking about the ways to make money on WhatsApp on this post, maybe on a future post. What you will learn from this post can be applied to make money on WhatsApp and it is selling or marketing techniques that this is all about.

Why You Should Start WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing guide

More people are responsive to messages on WhatsApp than on other platforms. It has a high open-rate and very easy to create. One way to use WhatsApp for business promotion is by selling products and services.

How to Sell on WhatsApp

There must be a product (digital or physical). The product doesn’t need to your own, it could be an affiliate product. If there isn’t any product, it could be a service; something you can do like web design, tailoring, tutoring, etc.

If any of the above exists, then you can sell on WhatsApp using these ways;

  1. Your status
  2. WhatsApp groups
  3. WhatsApp broadcast list
  4. One-on-one messaging
  5. Others’ status or broadcast list

Like I said earlier before you sell on WhatsApp, there must be a product and an audience. The audience is your contact that eventually becomes your customers or clients.

Before you start WhatsApp marketing, there should contacts of people on your phone. These people should not be your family and friends. The sad reality of business these days is family and friends are not supportive.

People make more money from strangers than friends and family. Another sad reality is that strangers don’t buy from people they don’t know online. They buy from people they know, like and trust.

This may sound confusing to you at this point. You may be thinking this: If people make more money from strangers and strangers don’t buy just from anyone except they know, like and trust you, how then can I use WhatsApp marketing effectively to make sales?

What I will be explaining in the next paragraphs is what has worked for many marketers and is still working.

Build Relationships

Whatsapp marketing guide

As stated earlier, I said you can do WhatsApp marketing using these methods: your status, WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp broadcast list, one-on-one messaging, others’ status or broadcast list.

Whatever method you choose to use or start with, you must first build relationships.

The mistake some people make is that once they save someone’s WhatsApp number, they end it there. Later they start sending promotional messages.

If I was in the other person’s shoes, I won’t respond to your promotional messages. It shows that you are just after selling to me. Other people have this same belief, that you only just want to sell them.

No one loves been sold to. People want to see that you care. That is why you need to start building relationships and trust from the initial contact.

How to Build Relationships on WhatsApp 


Whatsapp marketing guide

From the first conversation, you need to introduce yourself and what you do? Do not be promotional about yourself, that is trying to market or sell something. Keep it brief.

You could say:

Hello, I am Johanson Johnson from Thequickweb.
Thequickweb is an internet marketing service.

Or you say:

Hello, I am Johanson Johanson, an editor at Thequickweb.
May I get to know you?

The other person might reply:

I am Phoebe John, a graphic designer.

The next step is to personalize your message. People love it when you address them by their names.

But there should be a measure of caution here. Not everyone is the same. Some older people will see you as disrespectful when you call them directly by their names without adding a title eg Mr, Mrs, or Miss. So you should use discernment.

Your next reply could be:

Nice to meet you, Miss Phoebe. We could talk some other time.
I have saved your number. You can save mind as Johanson or Thequickweb.

If the person doesn’t like it being called by Mrs or Miss, she could tell you “call me Phoebe”. At least you know you are on the safe side.

If you do follow all of these, you will see that you have started building a relationship. Although this method is for one-one messaging, you can modify it for other methods.

How you acquire your contact or build your WhatsApp list determines how your first message will be.

For example, if you are using Facebook ads or any other paid method to send people to your WhatsApp, you could make create a template message that they will automatically send to you.

You can use auto reply to respond to them. That is why WhatsApp business is recommended except you have the time to reply to everyone one after the other.

Your auto reply message could be:

Thank you for ……………………..{this could be what the person led to you}.
I am Johanson Johnson, an editor at Thequickweb.
I have other free resources I love to share with you soon.

May I get to know you by your name so I can save your contact?
You can save mine as Johanson or Thequickweb.

It will take you time to save all the numbers but the efforts are worth it. WhatsApp marketing takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

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Some people build their WhatsApp list or acquire WhatsApp contact for status viewing. They call it WhatsApp TV because they post entertaining or news content on their status.

If that is your aim, you could modify your message this way:

Hello, Welcome to Thequickweb.
Let us help each other increase our WhatsApp status view.
Please save my number as Thequickweb TV. How do I save yours?

These are just sample messages. It is not a must to use them, they are just ideas.

Tips: Never use these words xup, sup, how far, wad up, what’s up to converse with a stranger. They show a lack of courtesy.

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp marketing using status view is easier than the other methods. I am still saying it that you shouldn’t just go direct and start posting products for sale.

For the first few weeks, you could post valuable content, information that will improve their lives. This could be health, finance, tech or relationship.

Stay away from politics, tribal or religious topics. There are a lot of differences, sentiments and hates when it comes to matters of politics, tribe and religion.

For this, I can’t give you a template of what to post because I don’t really know exactly what you want to sell on WhatsApp.

For someone like me, I focus more on digital products because they are easy to create and deliver. There is no recurring cost of production. For example, you don’t continue to reproduce an ebook.

That one copy you saved on your computer or phone is what you will continue to send to thousands of people who make purchases.

For example, let say you want to sell a PDF book on affiliate marketing using your WhatsApp status. Your status updates could be free and value-packed information centred on topics like how to make money online, make money while you sleep, etc.

Let every update lead to another just like a movie where one scene leads to another. You have already positioned yourself as someone who knows what he is doing and can be trusted. After one week you can now introduce your affiliate marketing PDF.

Know this: WhatsApp marketing gimmick is not direct selling.

Tips: Don’t be a self-centred WhatsApp marketer. When you tell people to save your number so that you both can view each other’s status, try to view theirs. Don’t be a deceiver.

When you don’t view some people’s status, you are indirectly telling them that they have nothing reasonable or valuable to offer except you. Once in a while reply to their status but this is not necessary.

One-on-One Messaging

Let go back to the one-on-one messaging. By now you should understand it starts with building a relationship or having a common ground.

Your aim is to sell. In this method, you could even speak your language with the person if you know both of you are from the same place using voice notes. People feel more relaxed when they people speak the language they understand. The same principle applies here when creating familiarity with a stranger on WhatsApp.

If you started reading from the beginning of this post you should have known how to introduce yourself without being promotional.

If you have taken that first step, then come back in few days and start another conversation.

Remember to personalize your message. This is very important so they know that you are not just sending the same message to random people spamming them.

You could message the person by saying:

Hello Phoebe,

It is been a while so I decided to check on you.
I trust you are good.

This is not the time to start asking how your health is, how is school, how is business or irrelevant things.

Everyone has problems and you cannot or may not be able to solve their problems when they start pouring them out.

Some people don’t mind pouring their problems out to anyone especially when it has to do with money.

Will you be able to give them money to solve their problems or you will just reply the usual way some people do “it is well” whereas nothing is well. It is an insensitive statement.

One needs to be very careful about the kind of questions to ask else you will destroy your purpose by yourself.

That aside!

Phoebe may reply to you:

I am good and you?

You could reply:

I am fine but been busy doing …………………….. {This could be about your business).

For me I could say: I am fine but been very busy working on one of our client’s websites.

Phoebe may show interest in what you do and want to ask further questions.

I can’t predict what will follow next but you have to be tactful in your responses not to appear selling.

Let move to the next method.

WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp groups are more used for training and discussion based on similar interests.

When I first created a group some years back, it was for a training purpose. I posted about it on Facebook and added people who showed interest. It was a paid training.

After the training, the group continued to exist and in time other people were added, it became like a community for discussion based on similar interests. Anyone in the group could recommend or sell his or her products and services.

Groups can be used for WhatsApp marketing and it is easier to build trust faster. In WhatsApp groups, you can address everyone at the same time.

Personalizing your message might not be needed because everyone already knows you are talking to a group of people. You must introduce yourself and what you do without being promotional.

Everything will depend on why you brought them to the group. Most people use free training to build WhatsApp groups. They use Facebook ads, email marketing and other channels to advertise their free training.

Some post on their social media accounts. Their followers see it and then share the post, more people see it and they follow the link to join the group.

Some people join WhatsApp groups to spam and scam, so be ready to face that challenge when you intend to use it for WhatsApp marketing.

Keep the messages on the WhatsApp group informative and educative.

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If you created it for health purposes, you can post health information that people having certain health challenges may not know.

Keep sharing vital and valuable information. Soon you can then introduce that weight loss or flat tummy product you intend to sell.

As a reminder, people buy from whom they know, like and trust. People trust group admin more than the members. So if you are not the owner of the group and you intent to sell there, make sure you read first the group rule.

If the group rules favour you, then start contributing and be active. Don’t behave like ghost members — people who will join a group and will never contribute to any discussion. They will be in the group, spying and reading chats but will never send at least one emoji.

This post is not about them anyway but they might be reading this article now…lol. You never might tell.

For me, I no longer use WhatsApp groups for training anymore. There is a unique way I do my training using broadcast. Let move on to that.

WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp broadcast is adding people to a broadcast list and send them messages. These messages go to everyone at the same time as long they have saved your number.

You have to be ethical when sending broadcast messages on WhatsApp else they might report you and your number will be ban. If they don’t report you, they will block you or delete your number.

Even if they don’t do anything, they might never read your messages just the way some people never open a single email coming from some marketers.

So what is the best way to do WhatsApp marketing using broadcast?

Never send broadcast messages to strangers. Some friends might not also like it. When sending to friends or family members, it is advisable to let them know it is a broadcast message and if they choose not to receive your messages, they should signify.

Anyway, you might not be selling to family and existing friends. We are focusing on strangers.

WhatsApp marketing using broadcast can be tricky and must be done with tact despite trying to build relationships first.

You know that you are sending a message to a group of people at once. It matters a lot that you must personalize your message.

I am not saying that you add a name, everyone in that list has different names.

To Personalize your message, you should use phrases like “How are you” Hello friend”, and not “How are you all”, “Hello friends”.

You can use the latter when addressing people in your group and status but the former on one-on-one messaging and broadcast.

The same messaging templates you use for building relationships when using one-on-one messaging is what you can apply there with a little modification.

Imagine having like 1000+ people in your broadcast list. 1000+ is even much, let assume less like 500 or even 250.

There is no way you will be able to reply to all of them if they should respond to the question you asked in your message. Except you employed someone to do customer care service for you.

When trying to build rapport, you could start this way — the method I use too to do my training or mentorship.

When I bring people together for free training on WhatsApp, I don’t use to add them to groups anymore.

These are my reasons:

  • I want to eliminate spam from people
  • I want to sieve out the serious ones from the unserious ones
  • I want to eliminate ghost members or spies
  • I want to avoid contact scraping.

There are ways to scrape or download people’s numbers in WhatsApp groups and then export them to any WhatsApp marketing software or application to start sending them promotional messages. I won’t teach that here but you can do your own research on it.

Another thing they do is to start adding you to groups without your consent and you be wondering how you were added since who did it isn’t in your contact list.

I create a template message with a link to my WhatsApp so that when they click on it, they automatically send me a message like this:

Hello, I am …………………………{they will add their name to allotted space}

I am interested in your 7 days of free training on how to move your business online.

I could reply using a message I have already drafted and saved.

Hello, I am Loveth from Thequickweb.
I don’t know the kind of business you run but I know that almost every business needs an online presence.

We will be doing 7 days of free training on how to move your business online.

This free training will be done on WhatsApp and it is limited to 100 people only, completely free, no presell or upsell.

We are not using the WhatsApp group for this training to avoid spammers posting irrelevant content or scamming members.

We will be sending you daily messages. We will add everyone to a broadcast list. These messages only get to those who have saved our number.

There is no intention to send unsolicited messages to you. If you want to be added to the free training broadcast, reply to this message with ‘Yes’.

No reply means ‘NO’

First of all, there was an introduction; I am Loveth from Thequickweb. Then the method for the training was explained.

If you noticed, “we” was used several times. This is because this training isn’t by one person. It is a team effort. If you are the only one doing what you plan to do, you can use ‘I’.

The message ended by prompting them to reply yes if they are interested.

When I first tested this method, 90% of them replied yes and they were added to the broadcast list.

Note that because they replied yes doesn’t imply 100% interest in the training. Some might not save your number. They might forget or decide not to for reasons best to them.

Some might just want to see what you offer just the way some join groups to spy what is happening.

This is not an easy task cos you might omit adding people to the list. I discovered I made omitted some numbers because the messages were just pouring in spontaneously.

Whatever the case may be, there is a list. The training can start.

That is the method I used for my training. After the training, I still send other relevant valued packed information. Some will ask questions and I will reply.

In time you need to check those who are actually reading your messages and those who are not. Maybe they must have deleted your number.

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So what you need to do is send them a personal message.

Hello Phoebe,

I am doing a routine check on those I usually send broadcast. I hope you are doing well?

Just keep the message brief and simple. Wait for their response. If there is no response, decide for yourself what you will do. For me, I remove them from the broadcast list.

Once in a while, you can add  to the bottom of your broadcast messages:

If you no longer wish to receive broadcast messages from Thequickweb, reply ‘Unsubscribe’ and we will stop sending you important messages.

Some people may get tired of your messages, rather than allowing them to block you and delete your number, it is better to let them opt-out.

Removing them from your broadcast list isn’t the end. As long they have your number saved on their phone, they can still view your WhatsApp status.

I wanted to do a paid WhatsApp marketing tutorial along with other strategies I thought of but decided to share it here free.

I am not saying the method I used is the best for training people on WhatsApp. The aim is to sell on WhatsApp by converting strangers to customers so do whatever you know will work best for you.

Others Status or Broadcast Lists

In WhatsApp marketing, using other people’s status or broadcast lists is the fastest way to sell. This is because they have already built relationships with their contacts over time. Their contact believes in them.

That is why you see people use WhatsApp TV to market their products. People who run WhatsApp TV have a lot of contacts from 50,000 to 200,000+.

They have invested time and money to build their list so you are to pay if you want them to post your product on their status or send it to their broadcast list.

Probably you don’t want to spend money. You have no budget for advertising, you can ask your friends or family to post on their status.

Friends and family status have never worked for me. It might work for you especially if you have female friends that have many contacts.

There is more to WhatsApp marketing strategies. It goes beyond what you have read so far and this may lead to more questions.

Questions You May Ask

Whatsapp marketing guide

How do I send people to my WhatsApp?

You can use Facebook ads or any low-cost advertising platform. You should learn how to run Facebook ads. Using traffic or messaging objectives will do best with Facebook ads. I can’t teach Facebook ad on this post.

If you know how to do Facebook ads, good for you. If you can’t, try and find a tutor or use YouTube. If you want me to tutor you, then be ready to pay for my time.

You don’t want to use sponsored ads? You can use Facebook groups that have active members and engaging posts. Make sure you read the group rules before posting. Make sure the group purpose is relevant to what you intend to sell.

For example, if you wish to sell slimming tea, you should join health groups that allow members to post and share health tips. You could post about free training on how to lose weight naturally using different fruits.

I am not into the health and wellness niche. This is just an example and how you can go about it.

You can also post in telegram groups. Many telegram groups are set to delete links by their bots. You can post your free offer and ask them to send you a message to be added on WhatsApp.

You should look for places people normally gather online and send them to your WhatsApp, but paid advertisement is always the fastest way.

Wrapping up

Building rapport on WhatsApp with your contacts doesn’t guarantee they will buy from you. You need to craft your offer in a compelling manner that will move people to see the benefits of your product.

WhatsApp marketing is more than just posting products or services on WhatsApp for people to patronize you. That same thing you are selling, others are selling it.

So you whatever you are selling on WhatsApp, present it in a way that shows solving a problem for your contacts.

Some write good promotional posts (sales copy) and they are called copywriters. You should learn how to write advertising copy that will move someone to give you their money.

This involves how to use words that will persuade people to take action either to buy what you are selling, sign up for your paid training and any other business you are introducing eg network marketing.

For a beginner. you could get this ebook The Copywriters’ Swipe File Vault (Every swipe file you need to master copywriting).

I am not that blogger who publishes posts daily. I prefer using emails to communicate. If you want to stay updated on other topics like internet marketing, eCommerce, freelancing, online business and many more, subscribe to Thequickweb Newsletters. It is 100% free!

I don’t know if you have come across any WhatsApp marketing guide (free or paid) that has much information like this. Some people will package this as an ebook and sell it to make some good money.

Maybe that is what I should have done…lol. Just a joke! If you have been searching for how to do WhatsApp marketing for free, you can use this guide and rewire it to suit yourself.

In summary,  WhatsApp marketing can be a success if you follow the techniques you have read here and in other WhatsApp marketing strategies pdf that people sell as courses.

Building a relationship, familiarity or rapport should be the first thing to do. Once that is achieved, you can proceed to start sending your WhatsApp sales messages. If anyone is telling you WhatsApp marketing is easy, I would rather not say anything about that.

If you have any other questions relating to WhatsApp marketing, you can drop them in the comment section of this blog.

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