Best Cheap Online Shopping Sites [And Customers’ Honest Reviews]

Cheap Online Shopping Sites

Are you looking for the best cheap online shopping sites for your next shopping spree, mini importation or dropshipping business?

If that is one of those reasons that triggered you to visit this page, we are glad to let you know that we have shortlisted the best cheap online shopping sites from our thorough research which includes customers’ reviews.

Shopping on the internet (or online shopping) is getting more popular day by day as there are big momentum and improvement in technology and eCommerce business.

Lots of people across the world have already fallen in love with the fast and easy way of purchasing products from anywhere they are and anytime.

Online shopping sites equipped with millions of products are springing up daily to cater to this need.

These shopping platforms are sophisticated with the latest technology the world can offer, fluid site navigation, fast shipping/delivery of products worldwide, a wide variety of products and a good reputation from customers’ reviews.

But here is the big deal.

All these come at a price that most customers may not be able to afford. Good things always come with a price, they don’t come cheap.

This has led to the scouting of the best cheap online shopping sites by these customers who really want to get their shopping done online.

But, thankfully we have got some reputable sites to show you where shopping is made easy and cheap!

Today, there are many cheap online shopping sites to purchase goods from anywhere in the world.

But people usually say the more the quality of the product, the more the price will be expensive.

Have you heard or thought about that at all?

But hey! Don’t get scared of the word ‘cheap’ as these sites that we will share below have gotten a reputation for quality products and services despite their less expensive rate.

They are proven to be the best alternative to the over-hyped and world-known shopping sites listed here.

Products bought or made in China are extremely cheap than those you will buy in the USA or other foreign countries.

We are not saying only China sells cheap products but if you can make a survey or poll about the top countries that sell quality cheaper products, China and some other Asian countries will be at the zenith.

Another great reason why these sites are the best alternative to those expensive shopping sites is that they all work perfectly on PC or mobile, which is one criterion for a good online shopping site.

They have got good security and you are also assured of quality.

We believe you are craving these amazing best cheap online shopping sites right now. We are not also interested to keep you waiting on stories. Here are the list below:

Top Best Cheap Online Shopping Sites You Need to Know


Best cheap online shopping sites - 1688

1688 is a Chinese-based online shopping site. They are mainly interested in wholesale and offer products at a relatively cheap rate.

The site is in pure Chinese language and if you are reading this you probably don’t understand the Chinese language, so how can you overcome this challenge?

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for visiting any online shopping site because of its various functions.

With the use of chrome, you can convert the site language from Chinese to English easily.

You will need an agent to ship the package down to your country because 1688 doesn’t ship to foreign countries.

Payments are with RBM currency.


Best cheap online shopping sites - AliExpress

Most of us are aware of AliExpress, especially if we spend time online. This is an online marketplace courtesy of Alibaba with millions of products at a cheap rate, because of this, it is difficult to spot a particular item online due to the wide range of products.

Over the last few years, AliExpress has grown in reputation and many keep visiting these sites on a daily basis to shop.

Unlike 1688 you can shop and via widely accepted currencies and get it delivered to you.

If we are to recommend any of the best cheap online shopping sites to our students or clients who are interested in dropshipping, we will recommend AliExpress without thinking because the website coupled with its features is great.

Aliexpress customers review

These reviews are proof that Aliexpress is a good option if you are thinking of cheap online shopping.


Banggood is a Chinese-American-based online shopping site with over 70,000 products on offer.

Unlike some sites listed above which sell only electronics, Banggood sells any product you can think of buying online.

  • Free or low-cost shipping
  • Credit card, PayPal, and Boleto payment options
  • Professional customer service
  • Direct dropshipping
  • An affiliate program, allowing you to make money along with Banggood
  • No minimum order quantities

With their connections worldwide, they are able to offer top quality products that are affordable.

They have also got a technical team that attends to all and responds to damages on any product.

You have a three-day guarantee to return any damaged item bought from the store.

These are the reasons why Bangood is listed in the top best cheap online shopping sites.

Banggood customers reviews


Best cheap online shopping sites - Gearbest

Gearbest is a wonderful place to shop, they got everything you will need an online shopping site to have.

They have got a wide variety of products, fast shipping, a return policy and many more.

They have also got “shipping insurance” which gives you an additional one dollar when you purchase an item from them.

You also got a free shipping option which could take between 21 to 30 days to arrive at your location.

They have cheap products but you are also assured of quality.

Customers’ reviews should tell you if Gearbest is among the top best cheap online shopping sites.

Gearbest Customers reviews

5. Dealextreme (

Best cheap online shopping sites - DealExtreme

This is another site with a wide range of products at cool rates. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has grown massively with 100,000+ products and 3,000+ suppliers worldwide.

Their product line includes phones and accessories, consumer electronics, automobiles and motorcycles, tools, home and office, security and appliances, toys and hobbies, lights and lighting, computer, sports and outdoor, apparel and watches, beauty and health, hairs extensions, shoes, and Bags.

All these come at a cheap price and you pay with the dollar.

DealeXtreme Customers reviews


best cheap online shopping sites

This is another wonderful best cheap online shopping site, especially for gadget fans. They have continued to deliver quality products consistently for the past 15 years.

They have gathered a huge amount of experience in their one and half decade of business and the consumers love them.

Techbargains’ site is very easy to use; look for your product, add it to your cart, pay, and get it shipped to you.

TechBargains customers reviews


Best cheap online shopping sites - Taobao

Another Chinese-based shopping platform, Taobao is very similar to 1688. Their site is pure Chinese but using chrome could help.

They have got lots of features including; 7 days return policy, customer protection, and genuine product and you can pay with your credit card with the Chinese yuan (RMB) the official currency for making payments.

Alipay, the Chinese version of  PayPal is another medium of payment, or you can take advantage of mobile if your bank supports international transfers.

Conventional shipping from Taobao takes between 7 to 40 working days, depending on your region/country.

Taobao customers review

Wrapping up

So here are the top best cheap online shopping sites available at the moment.

Kindly share your past experience with any of these online shopping sites listed above or tell us which of them you are going to try out.

Help us share this article with your friends on social media and don’t forget to visit us again for more amazing about eCommerce.

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