WhatsApp Sales Messages 2021 (How To Sell On WhatsApp)

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This post is a continuation of the WhatsApp marketing guide which was published on this blog. It was a lengthy post, and despite that, there were areas I didn’t touch. The post was over 4000 words.

Some people get tired or lose concentration when reading lengthy content. So I am using this post titled WhatsApp sales messages (How to sell on WhatsApp) as a follow-up to the previous post Whatsapp marketing guide. If you haven’t read that post, it is advisable to do so before continuing with this.

Whatsapp sales messages will be the main focus of this article. This aspect will highlight the methods to use to convert that traffic to sales.

What will you need is a sales page. A sales page is like a simple website you use to sell a product or a service. Traffic refers to the volume of users visiting your sales page (website).

You might be scared this is not for you because a website can be costly. Maybe in the past, you wanted to create one, and you were billed very heavily.

Creating a sales page doesn’t cost much. It doesn’t mean you are making a website with so many functionalities and pages.

I will not want to divert into website creation and forget that this post is about WhatsApp marketing sales messages and converting traffic to sales.

Selling is a skill

Some people can sell anything online because they have mastered the art of selling. When selling online, you must put all other unfavorable factors into consideration. It would help if you were asking yourself these questions.

  • Will this product sell?
  • How do I sell it?
  • What will I say to convince people to buy it?
  • Where do you I find people to buy it?
  • What price should I fix?

These are a few questions you can find the answers to before you think of selling online.

WhatsApp Sales Message

Whatsapp sales messages (whatsapp promotion message)

Whatsapp promotion message is the same thing as WhatsApp sales messages. They are messages you send or post as status that compels or persuades people to buy your product. A good WhatsApp sales message should have a good copy and a catchy creative.

If you don’t know what I mean by a copy and creative, I will explain here. I am so much aware that not everyone will be conversant with some advertising and marketing terms.

A copy is the write-up or text in your advert, which in this case is your WhatsApp sales message. A creative is the photos or videos used in the advert. The first thing that might caption anyone’s attention in any marketing material is the creative.

When you saw an advert online, maybe on Facebook or Instagram, you were attracted to see what it’s all about because of the photo or the video. After that, you read the writings on the ad, which is called the copy. A common way people sell their products online by just posting what they have for sale.

Let consider these examples;

Jane has slimming tea she sells. She placed her WhatsApp sales message this way:

Slimming tea for sale. Lose weight in 7 days. N4000 per Pack.

Jane has a slimming tea that genuinely works. People with obesity or too much weight will need the tea. They know the essence of losing weight and the health dangers of being overweight.

Despite that, people who fall in the category of being overweight or having fat in their bodies may not buy from Jane.

Why? Wait, let us consider another example.

Precious also sells slimming tea. She posted her WhatsApp sales message this way:

Having that extra fat or being overweight can affect your health and also your confidence. Why go through the discomfort of starving to lose weight when you can eat normally and still get that desired figured?

Get the {name of the tea} slimming tea that helps you lose weight and that extra fat in 7 days.

Say no skipping meals or eating less to reduce weight.

Price is N4000 per pack. Limited pack is available.

WhatsApp +234705xxxxxxxxx to place your order.

Out of these two people, Jane and Precious, who will you likely buy from after eliminating other odds like familiarity?

Selling is psychological and emotional; the mind and emotions are affected most times before buying something from a stranger.

These two instances above are examples used for direct selling. Even if you have built a relationship with your WhatsApp contacts, you will need to craft a persuasive WhatsApp promotion message.

The fact that someone knows you don’t mean they will throw their hard earn money to you anytime you post a product for sale.

You can’t just post a product for sale; contact me for details. Although, this might work for some products. For example, people sell Facebook pages or Instagram accounts.

These are hot products for some, but yet, you can’t just post an Instagram account for sale, contact me. Some people might not take you seriously for this.  They might see you as a time-waster. You might even attract time-wasters.

Instead, this would be better: an Instagram account with over 15k active followers for sale. Niche is Entertainment. The account was created in 2019—no policy violation, and it’s in good condition. Contact me to buy.

Everything boils down to how you craft your copy. That is why it advisable to learn copywriting.  You don’t need to be an expert copywriter. I am not an expert in this too. Having a measure of knowledge will do good you a whole lot of good.

Each time you talk about something, there is a question from a newbie. If you don’t have any clue about copywriting, get the Copywriters’ Swipe File Vault. It is a very cheap ebook.

Selling On Whatsapp

The ways to sell on Whatsapp are using one-on-one messaging, broadcasting, WhatsApp group, Status views; either yours or others.

You bring people to your WhatsApp through various ways such as social media, email marketing, through other people’s WhatsApp.

You can send people to your WhatsApp from your Facebook page, Instagram page, Facebook groups, Telegram groups, etc. The fastest way is using paid sponsored ads.

From the onset, I mention using a sales page. This is what the following paragraphs will explain.

You need to create a sales page. Using a sales to sell saves you time replying to customer enquiries and also saves you data.

Imagine that you will have to send the product’s pictures, descriptions, and other details each time someone sends you a message. How many times will you be doing this in a day?

With a sales page, you could put all the information anyone needs to know about your product. You could include videos and a lot of images.

All you need to do is send them the link to the sales page. If they visit the link and like what they see, they return to you for payment. If they don’t like what they see, they move on.

How to sell with sales page

What to learn how to create a sale page? You can use Google or use YouTube to learn. If you want me to create one for you, be sure to have your money at hand. My services are avoidable.

Don’t tell me you have seen what a sales page looks like, except you have been saving your data and you don’t click ads on Facebook or Instagram. Here is a link to a simple sales page of a real estate product. You can check it out.

If your sale page is set;

If you have created your sales pages, you can go back to the WhatsApp marketing methods explained in the blog post.

It is assumed that you have already gathered your contact. You have built a relationship or rapport with your WhatsApp list.

If you have done so, you can start to fire them with your WhatsApp sales message

Tips: You can decide to fire total strangers with your sales message if you have a good sales page with persuasive ad copy and creative. Some people can buy a product the first time of seeing it. It is because the seller adverts using the right words and media satisfy the curiosity of the buyer.

The method of building familiarity is still the best way and requires tact with patience. The other benefit is that you can continue to sell to them, and they can be bringing referrals to you.

The direct method of selling can still work and be done in this way; send people to the sales via social media or any other means, and the sales page directs them to WhatsApp as the final destination.

If you are using the status view to sell, craft a good copy and post, add the link in a new slide to direct them to the sales page to read about the product. Let the sale page lead them to WhatsApp to place the order.

If that is their first time, save their number and request them to save yours. If they didn’t buy, no worries. The process of building a relationship can start from there. If they buy, continue to strengthen that seller-customer relationship that is just beginning.

In summary, in making a lot of sales on WhatsApp, you need to write a good WhatsApp sales message. You can use the direct or the indirect method of selling. The choice is yours!

Have you been using WhatsApp to sell? If yes, what strategy are you using? If no, which approach do you intend to try first? If you have a WhatsApp list, how did you build yours?

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Last Updated 6/7/2021

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