Best Ecommerce Web Hosting In 2021 [The Definitive Review]

This post is about eCommerce web hosting guide for beginners. Are you thinking of veering into eCommerce business either to sell your own products or to dropship? Whatever the reason may be, we believe the first thing you need is getting your website up and running on a good web host.

The most crucial issue when you are thinking of launching your eCommerce website, that is, an online store is choosing a good eCommerce web hosting package from a reliable provider.

To think of a good domain name is different from having your online store running without breaking down.

In case you don’t know, eCommerce business has seen significant progress in recent years and many are beginning to reap its numerous benefits.

Creating your eCommerce website may seem to be somehow difficult, but with the help of a developer and top-notch web hosting provider, you can freely swim through the daunting waters of eCommerce.

An eCommerce web hosting provider may probably be invisible to your customers but the effect is important to both you and your customers. In fact, it is a deciding factor for a successful sale.

Why do we say?

A poor eCommerce web hosting provider will discourage prospects to visit your eCommerce online store.


Any online store that takes time to load or often experiences downtime will lose customers. Lots of online shoppers don’t have the patience to wait for an online shopping site that takes time to load.

For this reason, you should choose one of the best eCommerce web hosting companies which we will soon align below.

But before that, let remind you what web hosting really means.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is defined as the technologies that make websites to be viewed or accessed on the internet. It’s like a house that different things can be stored, use and even replaced.

When we are talking about web hosting, we believe you are not going to mix that with “domain name”….. Right?

So, since web host is like a house where your website resources can be stored and accessed, we are sure you will like to choose the one with a solid foundation, good architectural structure and with amenities that attract people to live in the house.

You need the same thing for your website. A good eCommerce web hosting company is capable of managing your online resources without breaking down.

That’s why this article is dedicated to comparing some of the best web hosting companies presently available today for eCommerce.

These include Bluehost, Namecheap, A2Hosting, Siteground, and Interserver. I think you should be able to make a final decision after reading this.

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Ecommerce Web Hosting In 2021

1. Bluehost

Ecommerce web hosting - Bluehost

With over 2 million websites hosted on Bluehost, it has been proved by esteem users to be one of the best choices if you are thinking of eCommerce web hosting.

It has the least expensive shared web hosting service making it one of the most popular web hosting platform in the world.

But before buying any of their hosting packages, here are some pros and cons of Bluehost.

Pros of using Bluehost

  • Uptime is Great – This is probably the most important aspect of web hosting, its uptime. As an eCommerce website, going down at any point makes it impossible for visitors to access and use your site. With Bluehost, you get the most uptime among many other hosts. It is amazing to note that Bluehost is available at 99.99%.
  • Shared Web Hosting – This option is open to those that may have lower traffic but still want their presence felt online. Although it is a cheap form of hosting, your site is directly affected by the other site(s) being shared on the platform. You do not pay for this on a monthly basis as Bluehost gives you an option to pay annually and you get discounts for the two years plan and upward.
  • VPS Web Hosting – This is for shared hosting where your site has a fixed amount of hosting resources, unlike the normal shared hosting package. There are three variants of this; Linux, Standard and Ultimate, pricing varies across the three.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting – If you expect much traffic to your site, this option should serve you perfectly as Bluehost gives you full server resources.
  • WordPress Hosting – This is the recommended platform for hosting a WordPress site. Hosting your WordPress powered site should be pretty much easy with Bluehost.
  • Fast Loading – Bluehost has one of the fastest web servers with speeds of over 400ms.
  • Good security – There are many tools provided by Bluehost to help combat the ever-rising rate of cyber-attacks on your website. These tools are Spam Assasin, Hotlink protection, CloudFlare, SpamHammer, etc. all help to protect your site against malicious hackers.

Cons of using Bluehost

  • Paid Site Migration – Switching to a new site isn’t free with Bluehost as it is with other hosting providers.
  • No cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting makes it possible to share hosting resources across various servers. Unfortunately, Bluehost lacks this option presently.
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Have you decided to choose Bluehost for your eCommerce web hosting? Well, you can check out A2hosting in our number 2 list.

2. A2 Hosting 

Ecommerce web hosting - A2hosting

A2 Hosting was founded in the year 2003. It is one of the best for eCommerce web hosting providers while they are also serving millions of customers across the globe.

The main objective of A2 Hosting is to provide fast and reliable hosting options with its awesome features.

Below are a few pros and cons of A2 Hosting

Pros of using A2 Hosting

  • Speed – A2 Hosting offers one of the fastest servers amongst other web hosting providers. The ability to render web pages quickly has given A2 Hosting an edge over many other hosting providers.
  • Good customer support – eCommerce web hosting isn’t simply plugged and play, you will encounter challenges at some point and you will need the assistance of customer service. A2 Hosting provides different channels, phone line, live chat, Skype and social media are some of the available channels.
  • Ability to customize – Unlike other providers, A2 Hosting don’t just focus on providing general-purpose features, you have to ability to tweak certain features based on your preference.

Cons of using A2 Hosting

  • Relatively high pricing – Fast web rendering servers of A2 Hosting comes at a price. When speed is compared with other providers, the price is a little bit expensive.
  • Fewer Bonuses/Offers – Most hosting providers provide mouth-watering discounts for their plans but A2 Hosting has chosen to be a little stingy with the way they dish out offers.

We guess you might love A2 Hosting and probably considering them as a preferable option for eCommerce web hosting. Check out our number 3 list, that is Siteground.

3. SiteGround

Ecommerce web hosting - SiteGround

Known for its relatively cheaper pricing options, Siteground offers cools hosting features, especially for eCommerce web hosting.

These features includesCloudFlare, SSL, unlimited bandwidth and many more. They have built a server that actively checks and fixes server issues independently which leads to much higher uptime.

Before choosing Siteground, here are the pros and cons.

Pros of using Siteground

  • Affordable Pricing Plans – The pricing options available when compared to other market leaders in web hosting. Despite the lesser price, they still offer quality.
  • Good uptime – They have got amazing technology that offers high uptime of up 99.99%.
  • Fast and reliable load time – With Siteground, you get speeds of 800+ms which is consistent. In terms of speed, Siteground leads the park among other web hosting providers.
  • Awesome customer service – They have got one of the best help services which an eCommerce website owner would wish for.

Cons of using Siteground

  • Limited storage space – Among the many cool incentives, Siteground still falls short in terms of storage when compared with other market players. The maximum amount of storage you could get is 30GB, compared to other web hosting platforms is relatively small.

Will you choose Siteground as your preferable eCommerce web hosting provider? Wait till you read about Namecheap in number 4 on our list.

4. Namecheap 

Ecommerce web hosting - Namecheap

The name says it all!

Namecheap has the cheapest pricing options for eCommerce web hosting. They also support 30 days money-back guarantee, SSL certificate, and 24/7 customer service support.

Pros of using Namecheap

  • Affordable Pricing Plans – The pricing options offered by Namecheap is pretty affordable, they offer quality for a much cheaper price.
  • Many cool incentives – Namecheap offers cool features like onboarding and account management, backups, etc. Here is the catch; some of these features varies from country to country.
  • Good Customer Support – One of the qualities of a good hosting provider is a good customer, this is one of Namecheap’s strong points.

Cons of using Namecheap

  • Lack of Special Hosting Plans – Most web hosting providers offer specialized plans for speed, storage and more but Namecheap lack all these. This is a deal-breaker for some intending customers.

Let us move to number 5 on our list on eCommerce web hosting which is Interserver.

5. Interserver

Ecommerce web hosting - Interserver

Interserver has been in the web hosting business for a long time, with excellent staff dedication, customized and budget-friendly pricing options, they have remained top as one of the best web hosting providers for the past 20 years.

Do want to try them? Wait, here are some pros and cons of

Pros of using Interserver

  • Wide range of products – Whatever your hosting needs are, Interserver got your back. You aren’t forced towards a particular choice, rather you have got a wide range of products to choose from and that’s great.
  • Uptime is great – Like many other providers, you get the uptime of 99.5% but these are exceeded sometimes.
  • Great customer service – Customers experience various difficulties daily and they turn to customer service for assistance. You are given good customer support which is available 24/7, a live chat option is also available.
  • VPS Support – Virtual private server increases speed when a server is shared among many users. Interserver VPS service is very powerful and you should try it out.
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Cons of using Interserver

  • Poor load speed – If you expect much traffic to your site, Interserver isn’t your best bet as they tend to focus less on speed, making budget-friendly packages a priority.
  • Limited resources – You have got limited resources with Interserver, you have got unlimited storage with some providers the same isn’t applicable to Interserver as some of the advertised services tend to offer less than what is advertised.

There you go, you now have a short but precise review of some of the best web hosting providers for eCommerce purpose. Which do you prefer? The ball is in your court.

But you may want to know…

How to Choose a Good Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider

Out of the five web hosting providers aligned above, you may be confused to choose one.

But here are few features to guide through the process of choosing a reliable provider. Check them below:

  • Uptime: No matter how expensive or cheap the eCommerce web hosting package may be, you should always lookout for the one with absolute best uptime.

This is literally going to determine how your website is going to behave. Remember most people really don’t give a chance for second chances these days, all they do is to quit visiting your website if they encounter any problem.

To avoid any bad story that touches the heart, go for an eCommerce web hosting with at least 90% uptime.

  • Customer Care Support: This is an important feature you should look out for, especially if you are not really tech-savvy.

Although most users weren’t impressed with Namecheap’s customer service but with our personal experience with them, they rock on this. The customer care is on point and they have lots of technicians who are ready to help you do anything you can’t handle.

We are not telling you to choose Namecheap because of this. In fact, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, Interserver, and Siteground all win this point.

  • SSL Certificate: Not really sure if all web hosting providers are not providing this.

But before you choose to buy web hosting for your eCommerce website you are intending to start soon, it is a must you have SSL Certificate installed for your website.

Don’t just look for hosting provider with cheap SSL certificate but choose the one that offers a reliable one.

  • Bandwidth: Almost all web hosting providers are improving when it comes to good and enough bandwidth for websites but some are still stingy and unprofessional when it comes to this.

Bandwidth is like storage disk, the more you put something in it, the more you are consuming its storage capacity.

Actually, bandwidth is responsible for the traffic. If you are getting high traffic on your eCommerce website, it is better you migrate or choose a hosting package with unlimited bandwidth.

  • Speed: To avoid high bounce rate, that is visitors leaving your site so soon and to impress search engines, your eCommerce website needs to be fast.

Some web hosting providers are really poor when it comes to this but you need to open your eyes wide and choose or ask for the one with the best server speed.

Although, it is easier for some experts to make their WordPress websites or blogs load very fast irrespective of the web host.

  • Price: This suppose not to be here but for the sake of people who are just starting out as eCommerce entrepreneurs or investors, you need to consider your budget in affiliation to the pricing of eCommerce web hosting package you want to choose for your online store.

You don’t need to break the bank before you create your eCommerce website. So, go for the affordable one for now and think of upgrading when you start seeing the results coming in.

Wrapping up

Things may seem confusing before getting here (this blog), but we hope you have found which or the reason you need to choose the best eCommerce web hosting company for your online store.

These web hosting companies we mentioned in this post are also recommended if you choose to open a blog or a normal website.

But if you are not sure of choosing any or you need a professional website designer to help you design your eCommerce website, start the processes through the buying of web hosting package, domain name, theme, and other necessary stuff. Then kindly contact us immediately for assistance.

If you have any question or will like to say something about this article, please kindly use the comment box below and don’t forget that sharing is caring.

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