3dcart Review 2021 – A Shopify Alternative

Are you looking for Shopify alternative or the best eCommerce website builder for creating an online store?

It has never been easy building fast an online store from scratch whether you have the technical knowledge or not.

Many SaaS (Software as a Service) eCommerce platforms have made it very possible to create an online store within a few minutes without much technical knowledge.

3dcart online store builder has what it takes to build an online very fast without any installation processes.

3dcart is a hosted solution, a good Shopify alternative and one of the best eCommerce platforms.

When we create online stores using WordPress (WooCommerce), the processes involves buying a domain name, buying a hosting plan, connect the domain to the host, install WordPress, install WooCommerce, install other necessary plugins, install an eCommerce theme, etc.

You will need to manage the security of your store by yourself and most times this involves installing free or paid plugins that will negate attempts to get your site hacked.

If you want to know about building an online store using WooCommerce, read the post: how to start an online store.

There is one powerful online store builder that makes building a store on WooCommerce faster and easier just like 3dcart and Shopify. It is called WooCart.

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This post is on 3dcart review as a best eCommerce website builder. If you are also considering Shopify alternative, then also read on. So let go into it 3dcart properly.

3dcart Overview

3dcart is an eCommerce website builder, founded by Gonzalo Gill in 1997. At the time of publishing this post, it is hosting over 25,000 stores globally. It is a hosted solution. A hosted solution means a user doesn’t need to install any software or handle any server-related issues. Doesn’t that sound good?

Features of 3dcart

3dcart has over 200 built-in features which mean you don’t need any other additional apps (plugins) for your store up and running. The online store builder has tools for your website, blog, shopping cart, POS, newsletter, and more.

Getting Started With 3dCart

There are many 3dcart reviews on the internet, both positive and negative. We decided to test 3dcart to see if all that they claimed to offer is merely hype or not.

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Here is what we discovered about their online store builder.

Fast to Create

It took me practically less than 5mins to signup, to receive the login details and to create the store.

Upon logging, you will see a setup page that has an introductory video and tips at each turn. This video explains how to navigate the store dashboard.

3dcart dashboard

Theme Selection

In some reviews, it is said that they have limited free themes. I was able to count about 46 free themes. Isn’t that enough?. I think that is fair enough.

Nevertheless, installing a theme is very easy but understanding how to edit it might give you some little challenges if you are a new user to building online stores.

3dAcart themes and styles

Generally speaking, customizing the look and feel of your store is user-friendly.

Adding Products

Adding a product and publishing is off two processes. First, you enter the product basic information such name of the product, SKU, and description.

3dcart add a product

The second process let you add more detailed information such as the categories, product type/variant. price, adding related products, up-selling, bulk discounts and SEO tags.

Once you are done with all of these basic processes, you can save and view your store. I think someone who is creating a store for the first might take time to familiarize with the interface.

3dcart published product

Payment Processors/Gateways

With 160+ payment options, you have what it takes to receive payments from your customers. Stripe, Amazon pay, Paypal, 2checkout, and others are available as payment methods for your store.

3dcart payment methods

You can add the type of payment method that is preferable to you. There is also offline payment methods such as money order.

3dcart payment methods

Shipping Methods

Except you are selling digital products, you may not consider shipping methods. For physical products, there are various shipping methods available.

3dcart shipping methods

There is UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, CA Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail and Parcel force. All of these shipping companies have their shipping methods and the various country they ship to. You can print and generate tracking numbers right from the store.

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Marketing Checklist

3dcart marketing checklist

On the dashboard <<Marketing>> there is a checklist of 45 tasks which is like a guide to building a professional and secured store. This is a walkway through for a newbie.

SEO Tools

3dcart SEO tools

Not better than WooCommerce in SEO but definitely beats Shopify. But one thing is this, you will need to understand how to use the SEO tools to benefit your store.

Promotional Manager

3dcart promotional manager

The promotional manager tool lets you drive traffic and increase sales with enticing promotions. The promotion manager can be used to offer exciting discounts like buy 1 get 1 free, a percentage off a specific product(s), a coupon code for a flat discount, free shipping, and much more.

Autoresponder Campaigns

3dcart autoresponder


Autoresponder campaign helps to increase conversions with automated emails. Autoresponders allow you to send follow-up emails based on the parameters of your choice. You can offer a complimentary discount to customers who just made a purchase, cross-sell related products, and much more.


3dcart newsletter

The newsletter tool allows you to promote your store and engage customers with email marketing. Newsletters help you build a relationship, capture new leads and establish yourself as a trusted industry expert.

Shopping Engines Plugins

3dcart shopping engines plugins

3dcart has shopping engines plugins as depicted in the store dashboard. It gives you options of promoting your store using search engines and shopping comparison sites. There is Google shopping feed, Bing comparison, Google product listing ads, Godatafeed and shop.com export.

Other Features of 3dcart

I was able to scroll through the module and saw that there are other interesting features on 3dcart. They include abandoned carts notification and abandoned carts saver which allows you to send emails from the store to customers who didn’t complete checkout.

There is an affiliate program module that allows you to offer a service to your customers in which they can refer additional customers to your online store for potential sales.

3dcart Plans and Pricing

3dcarts plans and Pricing

There are 4 major plans which are Startup Store, Basic Store, Plus Store (most popular), and Pro Store.

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On the pricing page, it is stated that all plans have the following features; no transaction fees, domain registration, shopping cart, unlimited orders, 24×7 tech support, Facebook store, secure web hosting, 50+ mobile-ready themes, built-in blog, unlimited bandwidth,100+ Payment Providers and API Access.

Startup store cost $19/month with 1 staff user. Basic Store cost $29/month with 2 staff users. Plus Store cost $79/months with staff users. Pro Store cost $229/month with 15 staff user.

There is a free trial for 15 days that allows testing how 3dcart online store builder works.

3dcarts PROs and CONs

Different 3dcarts reviews online with their pros and cons, this may be as a result of the user experience.


  • Able to sell almost every product
  • Unlimited disk storage space
  • Built-in SEO tool
  • Able to change themes anytime
  • Over 160 payment methods
  • Relatively cheap compared to Shopify
  • Numerous features on all plans
  • No transaction fees
  • Mobile responsive themes.


  • Not easy for a newbie
  • Limited design tools
  • Advanced features are available only for higher plans.
  • Limited third-party apps are available.
  • Limited staff user for the lower plan.

3dcart Review Summary

So far you have seen that 3dcart can be a better alternative to Shopify. Although, this is not a comparison post on which is a better online store builder or eCommerce website builder.

If you are intending to start an eCommerce website, and you don’t have any experience with building one, 3dcart may be difficult. But they have all it takes to get a professional and secured online store up and running.

Whatever eCommerce platform you chose to build your online store, do know that we are always here to give you technical support.

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